Amethyst Stone Teardrop Plugs


Sold in pairs (2pc) Double flares Teardrop shaped Pick from 2G - 1 & 3/8" inch Double flares Not for freshly stretched ears Natural Amethyst stone Polished & smooth NOTICE: Each and every plug is slightly different due to the nature of the stone. We do our best to give you a matching pair Approximate measurements in the size dropdown 10mm wearable area

Amethyst Stone Teardrop Plugs: We have your amethyst needs covered! And for our February babies, this is your birthstone! Made entirely of all natural amethyst. Healing properties of amethyst include diminishing work related stress carried on one’s shoulders and cleansing the mind of negative thoughts. Colors vary from deep purple to translucent purple and may include natural patterns but we always try to give you a matching pair. Feel free to leave us a preference request in the comments! These gracefully shaped teardrop style plugs come to a soft point making them an easy and comfortable everyday choice. Don’t be afraid of the teardrop shape! We carefully measure these plugs by millimeter to make sure they are true to size. Due to the shape of these plugs they are not intended for wear on freshly stretched ears. Own your own pair in sizes 2g - 32mm

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