Crocodile Wood Spirals


Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Crocodile wood Pick from 8G up to 1 Inch Hand crafted Sizes can vary + / - by 1mm For healed piercings Approximate measurements below

Wooden ear spirals

blonde wood

spirals sold in pairs

smooth surface

Hand crafted with perfection

8G: Width 24mm X Height 26mm

6G: Width 24mm X Height 27mm

4G: Width 24mm X Height 27mm

2G: Width 25mm X Height 28mm

0G: Width 29mm X Height 32mm

00G: Width 33mm X Height 35mm

1/2": Width 36mm X Height 39mm

9/16": Width 40mm X Height 42mm

5/8": Width 46mm X Height 48mm

3/4": Width 49mm X Height 53mm

7/8": Width 53mm X Height 59mm

1 Inch: Width 58mm X Height 63mm

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