Double Flare Unakite Stone Plugs


Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Double flare Each piece will be unique in pattern & color Full length: 10mm 2mm Flare Unakite Stone
Double Flare Unakite Stone Plugs: With an array of light and dark shades, green and peach colors dominate this stone. Unakite is an extraordinary stone beyond its beautiful appearance: It is known to work as a meditative aid by deepening concentration, also a releaser of emotional pain. These stone plugs are also great to wear during pregnancy, strengthening the spiritual bond between mother and unborn child. This double flare stone is sold in pairs and we do our very best to make them match. Get your pair in sizes 8 gauge (3.2mm), 6 gauge (4mm), 4 gauge (5mm), 2 gauge (6mm), 0 gauge (8mm), 00 gauge (10mm), 7/16" (11mm), 1/2" (12mm), 9/16" (14mm), 5/8" (16mm), 3/4“ (19mm), 7/8” (22mm), and 1” (25mm).

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