Kaos Clear Heart Silicone Retainer


Sold individually (1pc)
Implant grade silicone
Easy insertion
Sizes: 18G, 16G, 14G
Wearable lengths: 1/2", 5/16", 3/8"
Super comfortable

Introducing the Kaos Clear Heart Silicone Retainer, a single-piece implant grade silicone earring that provides a comfortable and secure fit. With multiple sizes and wearable lengths, you'll easily find the perfect fit for you. This retainer is also easy to insert, making it perfect for new and experienced piercers alike. Experience superior comfort and durability with the Kaos Clear Heart Silicone Retainer. By pinching both sides of the "heart" together it collapses, creating an extended reach for an easier insertion. Once the retainer is inserted the "heart" will open to create a flare, holding the jewelry in place.

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