Signal Brass Ear Weights


Sold in pairs (2pc)
Must be at least 6G (4mm) to wear these
Weight: 14 grams each
Made from casted brass
Measurements: 36mm x 30mm
Each piece will be unique in shape and size - measurements are approximate
Brass is not meant for long term wear
May oxidize under extreme moisture conditions
For healed piercings/lobes

These signal brass ear weights are handmade and sold in pairs of two. Each piece is unique, crafted from casted brass and measuring 36mm x 30mm. They weigh 14 grams each and can only be worn with a minimum of 6G (4mm) piercings. While brass is not designed for long-term wear, these ear weights can be worn for extended periods when taken care of properly and in dry conditions. Perfect for healed piercings and lobes.

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