Turquoise Howlite Stone Double Flare Tunnels


Sold in pairs (2 pairs) Double flares NOTICE: pattern & color will be unique for each piece due to the nature of the stone We do our best to provide matching sets Howlite stone dyed turquoise 0G - 1 Inch: 12mm wearable area 1 & 1/8" - 1 & 1/2" inch: 13mm wearable area
Turquoise Howlite Stone Double Flare Tunnels : A stunning teal that harbors delicate black veins, made of 100% natural howlite stone dyed an eye-opening turquoise/blue color. This is also the reason why each and every plug is unique, but rest assured that we’ll give you a matching set. Healing properties include alleviating stress and anxiety as well as calming a racing mind. Double Flared Stone tunnels available in sizes 0g - 1 & ½” inches.

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