White Quartz Stone Rosebud Plugs


Sold in pairs Quartz stone Double Flares Pick from 2G - 3/4" Carved rosebud design
White has always been considered a super versatile color, so these white plugs will surely match something you’ll be wearing.
Moreover, the carved rosebud shape of these plugs makes them much more interesting than regular white plugs.
Made of natural quartz stone, the plugs also make a great organic choice.
These double flares are sold in pairs, though each plug is unique due to the nature of the material.
Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to provide you with a matching pair.
Get your own White Quartz Stone Rosebud Plugs in any of the following sizes: 2 gauge (6mm), 0 gauge (8mm), 00 gauge (10mm), 1/2 inch (12mm), 9/16 inch (14mm), 5/8 inch (16mm), 11/16 inch (18mm), and 3/4 inch (19mm).

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