Monroe Piercing Help & Information

The Monroe piercing takes its name from the famous model, actress and singer Marilyn Monroe because its placement mimics her famed beauty mark. When it comes down to it a Monroe piercing is simply a lip piercing that’s located on the upper lip on the left side. It’s a great option for those looking for a piercing style that screams classic Hollywood glamour but with an alternative edge.

Before the Procedure & Aftercare

Before the procedure make sure you are properly cleaning your teeth and inner mouth. Brushing regularly every day and more importantly using alcohol free mouthwash to kill any bacteria hanging around. Get used to this because during healing you will be brushing your teeth and doing sea salt soaks several times a day.

As with any lip piercing, you will be pierced with larger jewelry in order to allow for swelling. It’s always important aftercare to watch the swelling and size down appropriately in order to avoid any lasting discomfort or issues with gums or teeth that larger jewelry may cause. Check with your piercer before changing sizes in order to make sure you’re not undersizing!

To further guard against depreciation of tooth enamel and gum recession, you can switch to a stainless steel flat back stud with dental acrylic on the back disk after the full healing time. Never change to acrylic jewelry before the piercing is fully healed!

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

While technically many types of jewelry can be used in this piercing like hoops or curved barbells, the most popular is the labret stud. It’s dire in order to get that classic beauty mark look that the Monroe piercing hints towards.

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

On The Monroe Piercing Process

The Monroe piercing is located in a section of the body with lots of nerves which means that more pain may ensue. This may affect thicker or stronger lips even more so. But of course, it depends on your body and your pain tolerance.

This also means that this lip piercing is more prone to bleeding than other piercing like cartilage or septum piercing

This piercing is usually pierced at a 14G, 16G or 18 gauge.

Healing time is usually between 8 to 12 weeks. Any piercing in the lip or mouth area often heals much quicker though due to the mouths quick ability to heal!


This article is intended to let you know the basics of a Monroe piercing. Always follow up with your piercer when getting pierced and ask as many clarifying questions as you can! It’s always important to speak to a professional, qualified expert before getting pierced and if any issues arise afterwards.

Whether you’re looking for a rebellious addition to your look, or are harking back to some traditional Hollywood glamour, a Monroe piercing is a perfect addition to your piercing collection! Do you have a Monroe piercing? Let us know how much you love it and all about your experience?