10 Beautiful Wooden Plug Styles!

Beautiful Plug Styles

Wooden plugs aren’t just beautiful; they’re also surprisingly easy to look after! So, don’t be scared off from opting for a look that’s a little bit different and pick yourself up a pair of organic wooden plugs. Here are just some of our favorites that we recommend you pick up ASAP. What are you waiting for?

When shopping wooden plugs – even if you want to stay entirely organic and natural – you still have a huge range of color. Wood can easily be stained or, depending on the source, can come in lots of natural shades. These almost black carved ebony plugs for example! Or on the other side of the color scale, these almost white tamarind wood tunnels.

Tamarind Wooden Plugs Gauges

The great thing about wood is that it’s easily carved into shapes that range from simple - like these wooden rose bud plugs - to highly detailed like these amazing carved owl wooden plugs. When it comes to carved wooden plugs, it might be more expensive to buy carved wood than a simple design for larger sizes, but with a larger size you get more detail!

Rose Bud Flower Wood Plugs Gauges

Speaking of wood’s amazing ability to be carved into detailed designs, don’t forget engravings as well! Engraving wooden plugs can take a basic round shape to the next level. Like these engraved Illuminati bamboo wood plugs.

Get a truly unique look with these coffin shaped wooden plugs decorated with abalone shell.

Why think inside of the box and go for traditional round plugs and tunnels when you can opt for a classic wooden heart design or even a carved floral hanging design. These wooden hangers even have a beautiful turquoise stone inlayed in the center!

Abalone Coffin Plugs

For a pop of color you’ve got to check out these bright yellow sunflower wooden plugs. Who said wood automatically meant brown? While the body of the plug is wood, the design is made out of leather so it is durable and won’t irritate your skin when popping them in and out.

Speaking of color, these blonde wood skateboard plugs with a lighter wood body and a rainbow design are simple but are still able to brighten up any day!

Skateboard Plugs

Mix up the textures you wear by combining wood with stone decoration like these carved Buddha wood plugs. We love the turquoise color that mixes so well with the dark brown of the oiled wood body.

Buddha Wood Plugs

Just because you’re limiting yourself to wooden plugs doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of designs to choose from! Whether it’s carved, engraved, black, white or rainbow, teardrop, heart shaped or tunnels, there’s lot to choose from.

For lots of different wood plug styles be sure to check out our category on the shop. There are plenty to choose from! While you’re there let us know, which are your favorites?