All of the Different kinds of Tongue Piercings!

Different Kinds of Tongue Piercings

Did you know there is more than one kind of tongue piercing? Much like the different kinds of ear piercings that we told you about, there are also different types of tongue piercings! If you are looking for something a little different from the most common type of tongue ring, then one of these might be for you.

What are the Different Types of Tongue Piercings?

The different types of tongue piercings are named after where they are located on the tongue. Each piercing goes through a different area or direction of the tongue, changing up where and how the ends of the jewelry rest against your tongue. Most of the different tongue piercings are pierced at a standard 14 gauge size. Read below and we’ll tell you more about each type.

The Classic Tongue Piercing

The classic tongue piercings goes vertically through the center of the tongue, and is the most commonly seen tongue piercing. It also sometimes called the midline tongue piercing. The best jewelry for the this tongue piercing is the straight barbell. The classic tongue piercing usually costs between $60 and $80. The cost will vary based on the shop you go to and the jewelry you select for the piercing. Our tongue ring collection features a variety of colors, materials, image designs, and decorative ends to add your own personal touch your tongue piercing.

Horizontal Tongue Piercing

The horizontal tongue piercing is a daring twist on the centered vertical tongue piercing, but note that it’s not widely recommended due to the increased chance of damage it can cause to the teeth and gums compared to the other tongue piercings. The horizontal tongue piercing is done with a curved barbell to allow the piercing to enter and exit through the top of the tongue, and the piercing can be done left to right, so the ends of the piercing sit side-by-side, or front to back so the ends are in a row. This piercing is a little more difficult than the classic tongue piercing, so the cost starts around $60 and can go up from there.

Horizontal Tongue Piercing

What is a Horizontal Tongue Piercing Called?

A horizontal tongue piercing is called just that, a horizontal tongue piercing. This piercing is looked down upon by the majority of the professional piercing community as a whole for a few reasons. The first one is since it runs horizontally it makes it very easy to bite down on and chip or crack your teeth. Another reason is they have a high migration rate since they usually are on the surface of the tongue and do not have a proper front and back like a traditional tongue piercing. Lastly, with the tongue being made of two muscles, a horizontal tongue piercing unnaturally goes through those muscles and can limit the natural movement of a tongue. A traditional tongue piercing is pierced in between those two muscles and has no effect on the movement of your tongue.

Does a Horizontal Tongue Piercing Hurt?

A horizontal tongue piercing is never recommended. But if you are going to have it done then the pain of this piercing is pretty minimal. It should be done quickly and the piercing will last no longer then a split second. Although this piercing is a little more sensitive due to its location than a traditional piercing, it still should be a simple one to get. Most people say the piercing is easy but you pay for it in swelling. The following week expect a lot of sore and tender swelling.

Venom Piercings or Venom Bites

Venom tongue piercings or venom bites are two vertical tongue piercings that sit horizontally side-by-side. One piercing is on either side of the center of the tongue, which mimics where venom-producing fangs would sit against the tongue. Like the classic tongue ring, straight barbells are used for the venom tongue piercing. The cost for venom piercings is double the cost of a single piercing, so it starts at $100 to $120, but varies based on the jewelry you get and the prices of the shop.

Venom Bites Tongue Piercing

Double Tongue Piercings or Angel Bites

Double tongue piercings or angel bites tongue piercings are two tongue piercings that are placed in a row down the center of the tongue, with one in front of the other. Depending on your anatomy, it can also be possible to do three piercings in a row. Double tongue piercings use straight barbells in each piercing, and will cost around $100 to $120 to start. The price varies based on the shop and the jewelry you select.

Tongue Web Piercings

The tongue web is the piece of tissue under your tongue that connects to the bottom of your mouth, and you can pierce that too! The tongue web piercing is pierced with either a captive ring or a curved barbell, whichever you prefer. The curved barbell can make the healing process easier, but both types of jewelry are acceptable to use for tongue web piercings. Tongue web piercings can start at $50 or $60, depending on the type of jewelry you want and the shop’s pricing.

Tongue Web Piercing

Healing Process for Tongue Piercings

Are you looking for more information about how to heal the different types of tongue piercings? Check out our detailed page about the healing process and aftercare of tongue piercings: Tongue Piercing Information & Aftercare.

Aftercare Products

Sea salt mouth rinse is a great product to have on hand for healing a tongue piercing. You can find the mouth rinse along with multiple other items in our aftercare products, which are specifically designed to help with the healing process for different types of piercings.


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Warning: This article is intended to let you know the basics of the tongue piercing. If you’re having real trouble with your piercing or even if you’re getting one for the first time always follow up with your piercer and ask as many clarifying questions as you can! It’s always important to speak to a professional, qualified expert before getting pierced.