10 Celebrities With Body Jewelry & Stretched Ears

 It’s becoming more and more common to see celebrities stretching their ears. From stylish plugs to random body piercing, the key trend among celebrities is simplicity. All that has been thrown out the window as we count down our Top 10 Celebrity list of body piercing s and plugs.

10 Celebrities With Stretched Ears

1. Chester Bennington-plugs

The first celebrity on our body piercing s list is Linkin Park’s front man Chester Bennington. Chester’s distinct voice definitely matches his amazing style in ½ inch plugs.

2. Adam Lambert-plugs

This American Idol winner was spotted at the Grammys showing off his newly fashioned plugs. In Detail Magazine, Mr. Lambert was photographed wearing black and diamond plugs, as well as flesh tunnels.

3. Travis McCoy-plugs/other piercing

While the lead-singer of Gym Class Heroes is more notably known for dating Katie Perry than his music, it‘s his ¾” plugs we love! His style of choice ranges from organic red wood plugs to colorful tunnels.

4. Davey Havok- plugs/ other piercing

For years Davey Havok from the punk/emo band AFI has had various piercing s and body jewelry. From his nose, nipples and lip, Mr. Havok is no stranger to this celebrity list. But it’s his new discovered diamond crusted plugs that has us saying, “good golly miss molly,” and selecting him #4 on our list!

5. Brandon Boyd- plugs

Remember that awesome band Incubus? Well the front-man, Brandon Boyd, has been rocking giant 1” wooden plugs for the last few years and we couldn’t be more happy. It seems like he’s a big fan of organic wood and

6. Drew Barrymore- tongue ring

This “Good time gal” from films like E.T, Charlie’s Angels, Wedding Singer and many more has recently been spotted with a freshly pierced tongue ring. Lets just hope her new tongue bling helps her career.

7. Christina Aguiela- tongue ring

In the past this vocal superstar has been spotted by tabloids rockin a giant tongue ring. Despite the obvious reasons for the mouth metal, this Mickey Mouse Club star has gone on to have 11 body piercing s. Can you guess them all?

8. Scarlett Johansson- septum piercing

Scarlett Johansson has been known to have a tragus piercing but it’s her recent septum piercing that has us saying, “Sha-Wing!”  This babe from films like The Avengers and Iron Man 2 looks hotter than ever with her new found piercing.

9. Brandon Kane (Real World St. Thomas)- plugs

“Yo bro, don’t read my diary.” This reality star of the month has been rocking giant plugs non-stop since appearing on MTV’s The Real World. Go big or go home.

10. Lil Wayne- Body Piercing

The man, the myth, the legend. Lil Wayne completes our list of celebrities with body jewelry and plugs. Lil Weezy has been rocking a labret stud in his lip for years and now has moved up to ear plugs. Although the size isn’t very big and only looks to be about a 2 or 00, we still have to give the guy our #1spot!