Get Ready, Get Set, Go Natural: Wearing Wooden Gauge Plugs

Organic Wood Gauges

Organic materials are becoming extremely popular in all aspects of life. Wood Plugs are a stylish way to show off your natural side. Wooden plugs and tunnels have endless style options and they are a healthy option for stretched ears. Wood is a fantastic material for healed lobes because it allows the skin to breathe and it helps eliminates the odor that comes with stretching. Wood plugs do keep some upkeep, but it is worth it!

One of the best parts of wearing wood is the different designs that can be created using different colors and species of wood. Each set of plugs come with their own unique design and have different inlays. The wooden star plugs are a favorite because of their solid white star logo inlay. The contrast between the dark areng wood and white inlay make the stars pop, these will quickly become the focal point of your look!

Natural Wooden Plugs with White Star

Wooden Plugs can also be incredibly unique due to the fact that they can be carved into different shapes. The heart shaped plugs are an adorable addition to your stretched ears! Different shapes, such as the hearts can be worn in the ears for short periods of time with comfort and ease! These stay in your ears due to the flares on each side of the heart and these are created with Saba wood.

Saba Wooden Heart Gauges

Let’s not forget that in addition to being carved into different shapes, wood can be engraved on the surface. If you are looking for something that is a little more comfortable for long term wear, and is still going to stand out, the Mandala flower engraved wood plugs will be the perfect adornment for you! These are laser engraved with a beautiful mandala flower. They are double flared to keep your plugs safely in place as you move through the day.

Mandala Wood Gauges

If you are looking for something that is carved, but you want it to stand out more, then the carved buddha wood plugs are perfect! These Buddha’s are eye popping as they are carved to look like they are coming out of the ear.

Buddha Stone Carved Organic Plugs

You can’t go wrong with different designs; the coconut wood tunnels with the resin inlay give you a different design every time you look at them. It is almost as if you can connect the dots every time you rotate or move them. You know you are getting a one of a kind piece of jewelry when you order plugs with a wooden inlay (such as the coconut wood).

Coconut Eyelets

If you are done stretching your ears but you need to switch up your jewelry, tunnels and pinchers are great options. In the past it was difficult to find pinchers in wood due to how unique each carving is. Now, you can find pinchers in a variety of different woods including tamarind wood. The tamarind wooden pinchers are a beautiful way to show off a lighter color and bring attention to your ears.

Wooden Pinchers

There is nothing better than a wooden plug with a gemstone inlay. If you are looking for a dainty look the tamarind wood plug with purple CZ gem inlay will make your heart melt. The gemstones in the middle are eye-catching and work perfectly as a focal point for these plugs. You are getting the best of both worlds with a solid wood color on the face of the plug and natural stripes around the sides of the plug. Don’t like purple? That’s okay, you can grab a similar style wood with a different color gemstone!

Organic Wood Gauges Purple Gem Inlay

Looking for something larger? Darker? The wooden feather spiral plugs are captivating. These plugs are handcrafted with sono wood, giving it an almost black color. Each feather is carved with precision, giving every feather a deep sense of dimension. These are perfect to wear if you need a lightweight hanging option. Many stone hangers will pull on the ear and they can be heavy or uncomfortable after a short period of time. This gives you the opportunity to wear a hanger without the pulling.

Organic Feather Spirals

These wooden tunnels, pinchers, and plugs are lightweight, odor-free, and unique. With styles in every size, you’re bound to find something you love.