4 Piercings You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Cool Trendy Body Piercings

Who doesn’t love browsing through different piercing ideas and designs? Seeing what variety is out there is always exciting, but it’s not always that doing so will make you itch to get that next piercing. If you aren’t in the market for a new piercing that you didn’t realize you wanted, turn away now, because these next four piercings are guaranteed to make you want to book an appointment with your favorite piercing artist.

Double Nose

What?! That’s right! The double nose piercing is becoming one of the hottest piercing trends as of late. As if you didn’t love a good nose piercing enough as it was, here it is doubling the love factor and then some. Whether you pair two dainty hoops, two small studs, or mix things up with a stud and killer hoop, this double piercing is sure to impress.

Nostril Piercing X 2


So yeah, you may have heard of this one, but have you really considered it? Think about it – moving some sparkle just that much closer to your face or having an extra hoop just a tad bit higher than your lobes. All while remaining dainty and feminine, but adding just a little extra to your ears. No question, tragus piercings are on the rise in popularity and for good reason!

Cute Cartilage Piercings


Many people are leery of getting something so bold on their face. Front and center, the philtrum piercing is nothing if not a statement piece. Right in the cusp of the Cupid’s bow, this statement piercing is actually quite cute and rising in popularity. Think about how you can save on the highlighting time, ladies – a sparkly stud right on your lip gives you all or the glow you need!

Medusa Piercing


Not new in popularity in the slightest, many people still fail to see the potential of getting a tongue piercing. Not only is there a ton of variety in the jewelry options, but there’s a great set of options for location and combinations of tongue piercings. If you’re also a bit concerned about how another piercing may look because they’re external, a tongue piercing could scratch that piercing itch while still remaining relatively hidden to ease your concerns. 

Mouth Piercing

Are you itching yet? Thought so. Here’s to the next hour or so you’ll spend surfing the web and checking out more new to you and unique altogether piercings to narrow down what you want! If these didn’t spark your curiosity at least, we bow to you oh special one that does not get the itch as easily as we do! (Though, we really doubt you aren’t about to keep digging for something new!)