5 Gorgeous On-Trend Nipple Piercing Jewelry Styles for 2017

5 Gorgeous Nipple Piercing Jewelry Trends 2017

Nipple piercings are on-trend for 2017. We’re seeing them being pierced and worn by so many celebrities – especially in the popular one sided style, where only one nipple is pierced! Whether you’ll be rocking your own nipple piercing in celebrity style underneath mesh t-shirts and chiffon dresses or you like to keep this perfect piercing to yourself, we think you should be rocking some gorgeous jewelry to go along with it.

Here are five styles that will truly accent your nipple piercing while staying on-trend in 2017!

Go classic with this double blue opalite nipple ring barbell! We’re obsessed with opalite as a trend for 2017. But really, it’s a classic look that will work as a beautiful accent to your skin every day of any year. The gems aren’t really opals, but the color & design is an interesting one that will have your skin glowing along side it.

Blue Opalite Nipple Ring

Turning the tables, here is a harder industrial look! Trick whoever takes a peak with this stainless steel screw nipple ring bar! It looks like you’ve drilled right through your chest!

Screw Nipple Ring

How could we not include this beautiful hanging tribal style nipple ring? It’s a rose gold plated ornamental bead nipple clicker ring! It would go perfectly with a matching septum ring for a full blown tribal look.

Rose Gold Tribal Nipple Clicker

For those bohemian babes take a look at this dreamcatcher style nipple ring with gemmed crystals in a shield style. This style is so ornate and dreamy!

Dreamcatcher Nipple Jewelry

This adjustable style of rainbow aurora gem beaded nipple ring is to die for. The gems are adjustable, held in place with an ‘o’ ring either side, and can be moved anywhere on the bar or removed completely to make this set perfect for any wearer.

Rainbow Gem Nipple Jewelry

The bar is in a geometric shape which means endless possibilities for where to place this piece in regard to your piercing. Wear it as a hanging style from the top or a shield style nipple piercing from along the bar. It has been designed as a larger piece that will work with both!

Would you wear any of these styles? Is the classic opalite calling your name or the rose gold tribal style? Let us know what you’re wearing this year. Whether it’s old, new or on-trend, we want to know your opinion!