5 Hot Belly Button Rings for Summer

Hot Navel Jewelry Styles

Belly button piercings are the hottest trend every summer! And why shouldn't they be? You can rock them with a killer crop top and low-cut jeans or show them off in a bikini when you are at the beach. They're the perfect summer piercing. Here are our picks for the top 5 hot belly button rings for summer that you won't want to miss!

Tradition and Neo-Traditional Style Tattoo Belly Button Rings!

Check out these traditional style tattoo belly button rings featuring swallows, roses and mermaids in bright colors. They'd be perfect to show off if you have any tattoo work, especially if it matches!

Bohemian Hanging Crystal Belly Button Rings and Hanging Dream Catcher Belly Button Rings!

The bohemian look is always in for summer. It's a time for letting loose, of freedom and spring break! Let loose with these killer belly button rings with a wrapped hanging amethyst crystal or tiger eye crystals (the tiger's eye is for protection!). Or go all out with this turquoise dream catcher belly button ring!

This alien head belly button ring is the perfect way to show off your wild side this summer! Whether you're trolling the desert for secret alien depots or not. It's simple but still cute!

Summer Belly Button Rings

Floret Shield Belly Button Jewelry

We're in love with these shield belly button rings that come in a range of old-school, ancient style colors like a tarnished grey and bronze inlay with rose quartz, opals and white howlite. They're simple but add a huge touch of empress style, perfect with a bohemian bathing suit!

The Fountain of Gems Belly Button Ring!

Go all out with this dangling fountain gem belly button ring! When it says fountain of gems, it means it. If your goal for this summer is to go big or go home, this is the navel ring for you. Made from stainless steal with a simple gemstone on the bar, that leads to the mountain of dangling gems from the massive tear drop shaped crystal to the circadian gems lining the entire tear drop shape!

Have you fallen for any of these belly button ring styles? Let us know which one you love the best. Or if we missed out on your favorite style for the summer! Do you like to go big like with the fountain gem belly button ring or stay simple with a tradition style tattoo swallow belly button ring?