5 New Stunning Septum Clickers For Girls

Septum clickers are very trendy at the moment. The appealing part about a septum clickers is that they are easy to take in and out. The stainless steel bar easily opens and closes which makes them comfortable to wear. Most sizes / gauges come in 16G but we also have some 14G styles available too. Below are five new clicker styles we released this month.

#1 Mustache Septum Clicker

Mustache Septum

#2 Five Aqaua Cz Gem Clicker

Aqua Gem Septum Clicker 

#3 Opalite Gem Clickers

 Opalite Stone Septum Clicker

#4 Rose Gold Tribal Fan Clicker

 Rose Gold Tribal Fan Septum Clicker

#5 Golden Clear CZ Gem Clicker

Gold Septum Clicker


Most septum clickers on the website range from $9.00 - $12.00. You see the full septum collection here.