6 Gauge - 5/8" Silicone Heart Color Tunnel Plugs Now Available!

Just added to the shop the silicone heart colored tunnel plugs. Available in three different colors, white, hot pink, and purple tunnels. Each have double flares and start at sizes / gauges 6g, 4g, 2g, 0g, 00g, 1/2", 9/16, 5/8". These have a flexible squishy feeling to them but not as flexible as ear skins. Each size is sold in pairs for $9/99/pair. See through heart shaped tunnel makes these a little different then your normal circle shaped tunnel plug. Click the pictures below to view each plug.

White Heart Silcone Tunnels


White Heart Ear Gauges
























Hot Pink Heart Silcone Tunnels


Pink Heart Silicone Gauges























Purple Heart Silcone Tunnels


Silicone Purple Heart Ear Gauges
























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