9mm Plugs And Ear Tapers

A little over a month ago we released the 1g (7mm) tapers and plugs. This month we are proud to release 9mm tapers and plugs. 9mm is the size/gauge that is in between a 0 gauge and 00 gauge. The reason we introduced a 9mm to the selection was because stretching from a 0G to 00G is a 2mm stretch. A lot of people have trouble stretching to a 00g from a 0g and so we wanted to make the process a little easier and safer. When you have been comfortable at a 0G for a while and you decide you want to stretch to a 00 gauge, going to a 9mm first might come handy.

You can purchase the tapers and plugs individually or you can buy a 9mm ear stretching kit which includes 1 taper and 1 pair of stainless steel 9mm tunnels.

View here: https://www.urbanbodyjewelry.com/products/9mm-ear-stretching-kit

9mm ear gauges























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