Achieve Your Style Goals with These 5 Madonna Jewelry Designs

Coined after the queen of pop’s iconic beauty mark, the Madonna is one of the trendiest, sexiest piercings out there. Just as Madonna was multifaceted in both music and fashion, the Madonna piercing is flexible, too, suiting a wide range of styles and vibes, no matter who the piercee is.

The Madonna piercing itself is placed on the right side of the face, right above the lip, giving the wearer their own distinct beauty mark. Normally, it’s worn with a labret stud—a perfect canvas to showcase your distinct style. From a pop of color to an edgy spike, you’re bound to find a Madonna labret you absolutely love.

In this blog, we’ll dive into five different styles and how you can choose jewelry for your Madonna to match it.

1. Retro

Reminiscent of a 1950s-style brooch, these labrets are aimed at those who love vintage flair in their everyday wear. The jewelry of the forties and fifties were dominated by jewels, and no matter what, there was always some shine to catch your eye. That makes the 14kt Gold Solar CZ Internally Threaded Labret a great choice, because not only does it feature a stunning gem, but it uses layers of gold beads to accentuate the centerpiece—a common theme of vintage jewelry.

14kt Gold Labret Beaded Gem

The other labret we couldn’t resist was the 14kt Gold Clear CZ Ball Labret. This piece is inspired by the 1930s art deco style, which is characterized by prominent geometric shapes—like the bold, blingy sphere on this golden labret. No matter which you choose, they’re sure to accentuate the Madonna piercing beautifully.

2. Boho

The boho style is characterized as socially unconventional. In fact, “bohemian,” which is where we get the term “boho,” is a word meaning someone who doesn’t conform to society, often focusing on art. And, it’s shown to draw inspiration from from seventies, hippie fashion.

The first thing that comes to mind in modern-day boho fashion is turquoise. Whether it’s the stone or the color, many boho-chic trends involve turquoise in some fashion, making this Turquoise Howlite Stone Ball Top Internally Threaded Labret a great option that screams boho. Not only this, but metaphysical, crystal-loving humans tend to lean into the boho trend, making this an extra compatible choice.

Triple Beaded Threadless Labret

The next piece of jewelry is the Triple Bead Titanium Threadless Labret. We chose this piece because it brings in simple, geometric shapes, as is wont to do in the boho style. Much of the jewelry in the boho space is silver and dainty, making this little beaded triangle a perfect option for boho lovers. And regardless of your choice, we know they’ll look stunning in a Madonna piercing.

3. Chic

The “chic” style is surrounded by monochromatic colors—like black, white, and neutrals—and clothing pieces that envoke a sleek, clean silhouette. Typically, the statement pieces are saved for accessories, and in this case, we think the Madonna piercing is the perfect place for for that.

When it comes to accessories, those who follow the chic style might look for modern shapes with a minimalist feel. That brings us to the Oval CZ Internally Threaded Labret. Its stunning silver backdrop surrounding a simple, oval gem is the perfect addition to any chic wardrobe.

Rose Gold Gem Labret

Or, for the chic human who likes a pop of color, we recommend the Rose Gold PVD Internally Threaded CZ Prong Mini Disc Labret. Similar to the oval labret, this piece is adorned with the trendy, rose gold aesthetic while keeping the simple, geometric element that we know and love. (For healed piercings)

4. Whimsical

The whimsical style is a favorite because of its childlike and carefree nature. It originally appeared as an art style, but like any trend, it made its way into fashion by way of colorful, mismatched fabrics and statement pieces.

For a whimsical Madonna piercing, we like the Aqua CZ Titanium Labret. This piece of jewelry comes with color options—blue, green, pink, purple, red, black, and clear—providing options that would match any inspired outfit you put together. Not to mention, the colors plays on the childlike wonder of the whimsical style.

16G Rainbow PVD Titanium Labret

Next, we think the 16G Rainbow PVD Titanium Labret is an amazing option for those with a whimsical nature. Not only is the color reminiscent of a rainbow, shifting and turning in the light, the shape is tried and true, too. We love the way this jewelry looks in a Madonna piercing, and we know you whimsical lovers will, too.

5. Edgy

Perhaps the opposite of whimsical would be the edgy style. Described as a mostly-black color palette, the edgy human gravitates towards the defiant, dark, and cool aesthetic, often using pieces that embody the rock ‘n roll mindset. That makes the Black PVD Spike Labret Flatback a perfect option for your Madonna, as it calls attention to the studs and spikes often found on leather or jean jackets. And, it’s black in color, keeping on theme. (For healed piercings)

Black Spike Labret

But edgy isn’t all about black-and-white. Like all styles, edginess is a spectrum. So, for those edgy folks who enjoy a little pop of color, we have the Blood Drop Labret Flatback. Not only does this piece command attention with a bold, red adornment, but its shape is similar to the studs you might find on acid-washed jeans or motorcycle jackets—a staple in the edgy person’s wardrobe, both in clothing, and now, the Madonna piercing.

We Know You’ll Rock It

We only listed 5 different styles, but we know there are hundreds more. Whether you find yourself leaning toward a chic style or edgy style, Urban Body Jewelry has the high-quality jewelry you need to find your perfect fit—no matter the piercing or vibe. Specifically, we’ve curated a list of Madonna jewelry we think you’ll rock, day in and day out.