Anchor Body Jewelry Trends

Trends come and they go, but despite the fact that they are not always very long lasting, trends often are valuable to keep track of because they can help someone be able to stay stylish and up to date. A recent trend that has become especially popular Anchor Gaugeswould be the anchor trend. This particular fashion has been coming and going for quite a while. Many years ago it was first used by the Christians as the cross so as to avoid persecution by the Romans. Several hundred years later, the anchor became a part of sailor fashion and culture. Sailors would get anchor tattoos to show off their knowledge and relationship to the sea. After this, anchors once again became popular as a symbol for being in a relationship. The anchor would mean that you had a significant other and that you were already taken.

Today, the anchor today stands for stability. The past five years have brought it back into the fashion world and made it very popular. Some believe that this is due to the economic Silicone Anchor Plugsdepression occurring worldwide; people want to show that they are grounded and have some stability using the anchor.

Who is the most frequently involved with the anchor? Typically, it appeals to hipsters and Indie groups who wish to be especially trendy. Anchors show up on many different things- from clothing to tattoos and various kinds of body jewelry. Whether you like plugs, belly rings, or necklaces, you will surely be able to find something that fits your style on