Body Jewelry Plugs By Nature

Organic jewelry has been on an extreme rise as of lately, and this is much due to the fact that natural things have become Wood Spiral Gaugesextremely admired for their beauty. For a while, the world was only interested in futuristic fashion trends, with metallic shine and glitter. Now, however, nature has made a comeback. All of a sudden we’ve begun to pay more attention to nature and its attractiveness, and this is very clearly reflected in the body modification industry.

Organic body jewelry plugs are not just naturally beautiful, though. It’s also really healthy for mature piercings (Be careful not to wear organic jewelry in fresh or unhealed piercings! It is unsanitary, since organic jewelry cannot be properly sterilized, and can thus lead to infections or other healing problems). The porous nature of organic material allows piercings to breathe much better than other materials do. This ventilation allows for the removal of any foul odors as well as for improved moisture of the skin in many cases.

 The porous nature of organic material allows piercings to breathe much better than other materials do. 

Wood Ear GaugesAnother great perk of organic jewelry is that it’s eco-friendly. By using natural materials, you avoid burning fossil fuels for the creation of plastics and glass, as well as for the smelting of metal. Cutting out an earring from wood requires much less energy than does manufacturing that of an acrylic plug, at least on an ecological level. Thus, by using organic jewelry, you can benefit not just your piercing, but the environment, too.

Organic jewelry makes use not only of wood. Other materials used for various piercings are stone, bone, and shells. Of course, some types of organic material may be a bit heavy for piercings, especially if you’re planning to wear a humongous piece. Nevertheless, organic jewelry also offers a great variety of light materials, such as certain types of wood, which can be excellent for all types of healed piercings. So don’t fear the thing that makes the world go round! Try out some of nature’s best products for your piercings.