Body Jewelry to Wear to Your Wedding

 If a wedding isn’t a cue for someone to wear jewelry, then nothing is. A wedding is one of the most special moments of any person’s life, and adorning it with something special such as diamond body jewelry is definitely a must no matter who you Wedding Day Body Jewelryjust so happen to be. In fact, diamonds had proudly represented the grand ceremony of a wedding ever since 1477, when Mary of Burgundy had received a diamond ring from Austria’s Archduke Maximilian. Therefore, take pride in your piercings on your wedding day, and make sure you pick some gorgeous jewelry.

Ear Lobes

Brides like to pull up their hair- weather it’s a sleek chignoir or a romantic messy bun. Any partial up do, however, will immediately call attention to the ears, which is why a beautiful pair of earrings is essential. Available are both the usual diamond studs to helix body jewelry as well as tragus of solid gold. Besides this, brides can opt for various shades of shiny colored stones, such as green, blue and even chocolate brown.


If you’re planning a nice little getaway to the beach on your honeymoon, you definitely need your navel to look as adorable as possible. So, accessorize! From basic gauges to shimmering plain diamond stones to more intricate things like tiny golden hearts, butterflies or flowers- there is always a broad range of attractive choices.


Is that cherry red lipstick not enough to grab the attention you want? Or do you feel like your lip gloss just isn’t as complete as you thought? Well, here’s your chance to add more of an interesting touch to your mouth- a stunning diamond labret ring. Madeby skillful jewelers- of only the best quality materials, these are sure to make a great impression on anyone. And with the large variety of colors available, you will certainly be able to find one that fits your personality.


Surprisingly, nose rings are becoming extremely popular with brides today, but it isn’t too hard to realize why. Nose rings are not always easy to spot, but if they’re made of shimmery diamonds, they are sure to grab the attention of everyone and make the bride look extra special. And that is very important on such a major day, especially when it is so vital for everything to go grandly and smoothly to guarantee a happy future.