Body Piercings: The Industrial

The industrial piercing is a piercing that combines two holes by one piece of jewelry. It is typically considered a tough, sexy look for several reasons. First, it is a cartilage piercing, which are generally a bit more unusual. Second, they can be a wonderful way of self-expression, allowing for endless possibilities of jewelry styles to be worn, thus displaying the individual’s personality better than any other piercing.

You may have heard of industrial piercings by definition but no by the name- and that’s because there are several names Heart Industrial Jewelryassociated with it. Sometimes it is called the scaffold piercing, while other times it may be referred to as the construction piercing. In any case, the most frequently used term is still considered the industrial piercing, and an “ear cage” is a better agreed upon term referring to when a single ear contains more than one set of industrials.

Since there is such a great variety of styles that can match this piercing, a lot of people appreciate it a lot. The most common piece of body jewelry worn would likely be the regular surgical steel barbell, but there are actually endless possibilities. For instance, jewels on the barbell can make up your various designs of preference if you like sparkle. Usually, these jewelry pieces are made of titanium, which is the purest, safest kind of metal. A benefit of using this material for the industrial piercing is that is can be colored bright neon colors.

Spiral industrials have become increasingly widespread as well in society everywhere. You can have the option of choosing anything from loose, gentle tendrils to simple single spirals to tight little wiggles or even double-twisting spirals. This gives you a lot to choose from, making your personal selection all the more unique and individual.

And finally, there are barbells that have acrylic balls that can provide just the pop of color that you’re looking for. Another way to add some zing to your look would be to wear arrow jewelry for this piercing- an arrow through your ear, or an arrow through hearts or skulls. In any case, you will definitely be able to find something that suits you with this piercing!