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Cartilage piercings are extremely popular in today’s culture. There are also tons of options for cartilage jewelry. Cartilage is firm connective tissue and in piercings we are usually referring to ears and noses, we will be discussing ears in this article. So, let’s talk about some cartilage piercing locations and the best types of body jewelry for those locations.


This piercing is located on the outer ridge of the top of the ear. Many people use a captive bead or a stud earring. You can also Cartilage Piercing Namesconsider an industrial piercing which is a piercing in the helix and anti-helix. These double piercings are connected by a long, double-ended barbell.


This is the exact opposite of the helix piercing, which is anti-parallel to the outside of the ear and located in the ridge inside the ear. The anti-helix can be pierced as a rook-type which is the upper ridge of the tragus. You can also pierce as a snug-type which is piercing from front to back. This area looks pretty good with a captive bead ring. For the snug there is even a wrap-around ear band, called a cuff that looks nice on the ridge of the ear. You can also use labrets for this area too.


This is a pretty cool piercing and currently trending. The piercing is located in the cartilage ridge directly above the earlobe. You can put a nice labret here or even a captive bead ring. Ferido jewelry is also a great option, which is made of Swarovski crystal and cubic zirconia. This type of jewelry will make you shine and sparkle, regardless of the location you choose.


This piercing looks great, directly opposite of a tragus piercing. It is found in the cartilage directly above the earlobe. Barbells look awesome in this location and you may also choose a flower design with the cubic zirconia decoration.


This piercing is unique in being in the innermost folds of the ear. It can be difficult to pierce in this location due to the curvature. You can get hearts and moon style jewelry that looks like it is emerging from the ear. You can also select some awesome cartilage ring clickers that have cubic zirconia jewels as part of their design.

Inner/Outer Conch

This piercing is found in the bowl of your ear. You can get barbell piercings in this area or even captive bead rings. There are even some neat jewelry items that look as if a unicorn or a snake is emerging from the ear.

 Cartilage Jewelry

Regardless of the piercing location you select, ensure that you have a great piercer well-versed in the location you select. Some of these areas are quite tricky and can be problematic if pierced improperly. Take the time to find a great shop and a reputable piercer and then select the piercing style that fits you the best. Select the proper jewelry for that type of piercing and enjoy your new look. Get creative and show the world your artistic side.