Lip Piercings: The Basics

Lip Piercings: The Basics

Lip piercings are an amazing way to show off your lips and mouth. The hardest part of obtaining a lip piercing is deciding what type of piercing you are going to obtain. Lip piercings work for the cute and the sexy alike. The average price for single lip piercings are around $40 and doubles are approximately $60, depending on your location in the U.S.


Single piercings

Monroe/Madonna - This piercing is found on the left or the right in the upper corner of the mouth, respectively, which is replicating a mole placement. This look is a beauty mark that actually sparkles. It can be sexy and cute at the same time. Studs are the best jewelry for this location, especially with a labret disc style backing.

Labret - This piercing is found directly in the center below your bottom lip. It is named after the same piercing jewelry that is usually found in this location. You can also use a ring in this location as well.

Medusa - The Medusa piercing is the exact opposite of the labret piercing and found in the center of the upper lip. This location is best pierced with a labret stud or a ring. Some take a double barbell piercing that can be placed in this location, but it can be tricky to eat with this style. Consider a flexible barbell made with bioplast, to ensure you don’t break any teeth.

Lip & Labret Rings

Double piercings

Bite piercings - These piercings are found in and around the mouth area. They are two stud piercings next to each other in spaces that look like a bite. They are commonly found on the bottom side areas of the lip, but they can be found towards the top or side of the lips as well. There are spider bites (below one side lower lip and close together), snake bites (below both sides of the lower lip), angel bites (above both sides of upper lips), and canine bite piercings (both angel and snake bites, so 4 piercings).

Jestrum - This piercing is like the medusa piercing, but you pierce through the center of the top lip and that piecing comes out through the medusa piercing location. A double-sided barbell piercing is the proper piece of jewelry for this location.

Vertical Labret - This is the opposite of the Jestrum piercing. It is found in the bottom lip and the location of the labret for the exit of this two-holed piercing. A double-sided barbell piercing looks great in this location.


The healing time for lip piercings is fairly standard in the piercing world. It will take approximately 4-6 weeks to heal. However, you need to be aware that your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria, so ensure you are extra clean and cautious about what you put in your mouth and try to keep the piercing clean. Lip piercings are very attractive and can draw attention to your mouth area, which is exceptional if you are looking for sex appeal. These lip piercings are an extension of your true self and can really adorn your face and give you a whole new look.