Cleaning Body Jewelry: An Unexpected Art Form

Weather you have only a simple lobe piercing or have numerous gauges and other types of piercings, you need to know that cleaning your jewelry is an absolute essence in order to stay healthy. You won’t need too much in order to clean your jewelry- just some alcohol-free mouthwash and antibacterial soap. Those are generally enough to do the trick of keeping your jewelry Cleaning Ear Gaugesboth sterile and shiny.

First, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and the antibacterial soap before you go ahead and start cleaning your jewelry. Once you’re done, you can soak your jewelry piece in the same warm water and soap mixture for the duration of around 2 to 3 minutes and immediately re insert it into the pierced body part. If you wish to store your clean jewelry, simply place it into a sealed bag to keep it sanitary.

As for oral piercings, an alcohol free mouthwash can easily replace the soap, since it would also kill germs and keep your body jewelry piece shiny and safe to use. Just soak it in antiseptic or mouthwash for a few minutes. To keep your valuables in top form, store them in a soft pouch when they aren’t worn. Besides this, if your jewelry contains gold or other gemstones like rubies, emeralds, lapis, turquoise and coral, it’s best to skip the regular jewelry cleaners or cleaning products that have chlorine, since this can damage them quite easily. You’re better off just wiping these treasures with a soft damp cloth to keep them shiny and beautiful.