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Constellation Piercings

It might sound like a constellation on your ear is a little too much to hope for, but you better believe it! Constellation ear piercing is this years newest piercing trend and we're a little bit in love. Keep reading to find out if you're just as in love with this new trend as we are!

What is a Constellation Ear Piercing?

When it comes down to it a constellation ear piercing is just a grouping of three or more multiple ear piercings anywhere on the ear. Generally, these are done in designs that mimic star constellations when you look at them – not just a random grouping!

This also means that you can create any design you like that's entirely unique to you. Plus, you don't have to go into unknown territory if you'd rather stick to the ear lobe.

This trend was named by Brian Keith Thompson who works at Body Electric Tattoo for some of L.A's finest – including Beyonce!

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This Look is Great for Off Center Piercings!

Adding a “brother and a sister” to an off centered piercing is just one of Brian Keith Thompson's tips to rocking the constellation trend. Use two new ear piercings to balance an off center lobe piercing in a triangle shape for an easy constellation look. It's too easy!

On Constellation Body Jewelry!

For body jewelry in a constellation style this trend has two main rules. First, don't be afraid to alternative between hoops and studs for a more detailed look. Secondly, opt for more delicate jewelry in thinner gauges to further the “star” aesthetic.

Then again, don't be afraid to include a “planet” in amongst the dainty stars!

Don't Do Too Many Piercings at Once

Constellation piercings generally include at least three piercings. We don't suggest you go straight for six piercings all at once. In order to let them heal properly (check out these common healing times) and to give them the attention that they need you might need to work this trend in stages.

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Stacking Piercings is an Easy Constellation Look

Whether you opt for a triple scaffold, lobe or daith, stacking two or three piercings on top of each other in a straight line is an easy way to a constellation look.

The ear piercing constellation trend is a cool new way of combining the ear piercings we all love. All the while, it's important to remember that piercings are more than just a quick trend. It's important to take care of your piercings – don't forget they may take months to heal! - otherwise they might lead to infection. Piercing infection is never trendy.