Crystal Lovers Guide to Amethyst Body Jewelry

 Crystal Lovers Guide to Amethyst Body Jewelry

Amethyst is said to have many different metaphysical and physical prosperities. Purple amethyst has been known to soothe, calm, and stimulate one’s emotions and mind. This semi-precious stone is said to increase focus and provide a deeper connect with your inner self. Amethyst jewelry is simply stunning, becoming a quick fashion statement!

Amethyst Stone Plugs

No two plugs are alike! This is the best part of the stone; it is a natural stone that has a completely unique pattern. These plugs will put you in a purple haze of comfort and calmness. The depth in these plugs is completely unreal.

 Amethyst Gauges

Raw Amethyst Plugs 3/4"

These plugs are simply amazing. They show you the core of the natural stone, the absolute raw depth that comes from the earth. The core shows just how beautifully each crystal has grown and blossomed into its own raw surface. These are one of a kind plugs and you will stand out with these beauties. (These come in multiple different sizes).

 Druzy Crystal Amethyst Plugs

Black PVD Captive Bead Ring with Amethyst Stone

Pink and black can move aside, purple and black is taking over. The contrast between this deep dreamy purple and the thick sleek black is stunning. You are going to look like a knock out when you put in these captive bead rings.

Stone Captive Rings

Purple Amethyst Oval Belly Button Ring

The simplicity of this piece speaks volumes! All the focus is going to be on you when people see this gorgeous oval stone. You don’t need any extra bling with this as the centerpiece, you will be rocking a summer on the beach with this piece.


14G Gold PVD Double Amethyst Stone Industrial Barbell

Gold plus purple, this is awesome color combination in the jewelry fashion industry. This piece has the simplicity of contrasting colors and the perfect amount of bling. There is no denying how stunning this piece is. Anyone could slay with this piece in their ear!


Double Amethyst Stone Hanging Ear Weights

Sick of plain tunnels & plugs? Put in these double amethyst hanging ear weights! Not only does it help keep your ear stretched and healthy, but they are a statement piece. Walk your own runway with these beautiful pieces of art.


Amethyst Stalactite Brass Weights

Not getting enough amethyst? These Amethyst stalactites are truly unique, and the best statement piece you can own! This is still the amethyst you love just with a different cut! This gives you the depth of the inside of the crystal and the most gorgeous view of all the different colors amethyst holds.

 Crystal Stalactite Ear Weights

14G Double Amethyst Stone Nipple Ring Barbell

These amethyst stones adorn each side of the nipple as a 7mm stone. The stainless-steel material is comfortable and easy to wear. These are far from subtle, they are fierce!

Amethyst Nipple Rings

Hanging Amethyst Stone Zircon Belly Button Ring

This belly button ring is completely purple! It has two purple CZ gems and a piece of amethyst hanging down. This piece gives a whole new meaning to the word shine. It showcases the deep colors of amethyst and its beautiful sparkle.

Diamond Stone Belly Piercing Jewelry