Five On-Trend Industrial Barbell Styles for 2017!

Popular Industrial Cartilage Jewelry

The industrial piercing is a favorite amongst body modification enthusiasts – us included! How could it not? Its two piercings in one that are combined by a thick metal bar! How awesome is that? If you love industrial piercings as much as we do, maybe you’ll love our list of the five on-trend industrial barbell styles happening right now.

Not So Straight Styles of Industrial Barbells

Who said anything about straight barbells? What we want is something jagged and edgy! If you feel the same you’ll love these bent barbell styles that look out of this world. Go wavy with this colorful triple wave industrial barbell or completely jagged with this jagged stainless steel industrial barbell.

Boho Cartilage Jewelry

Steampunk Design Industrial Barbells

Who doesn’t love a little bit of Steampunk? For those of you who are unaware Steampunk is a style of clothing and a subculture that revolves around the Victorian period, but rewritten as though it were a futuristic apocalyptic world. Think brass guns with lots of cogs!

Add a little touch with this bright blue opalite industrial barbell where the gems are held in place with cog shaped casing. Simple but cute!

For a more obviously Steampunk look you can’t go wrong with some huge cogs! This steampunk gear industrial barbell would be perfect.

For the ultimate in Steampunk style, don’t look past this stainless steel golden tentacle industrial barbell. We love how the tentacle wraps around the length of the bar!

Industrial Cartilage Jewelry

Add a Touch of the 90s!

If you’re thinking trendy, the nineties is one of the most influential trendy styles happening right now. But even if it wasn’t, we still love these throwbacks to classic nineties symbols. This sun and moon industrial barbell is a perfect homage to the nineties, as is this tree of life industrial barbell with leaves on each end!

Tree of Life Scaffold

Bohemian Style Never Goes Out of Style

It’s a fact! Bohemian-anything never goes out of style. Whether it’s a loose fitting off the shoulder top or an industrial bar in the shape of an arrow with turquoise gems across it! Go bohemian with this beautiful long arrow with turquoise feathers that will look like its shooting straight through your cartilage or with this simple industrial barbell with a little stainless steel long horn bull figure along the bar.

Boho Cartilage Jewelry

Get Shiny with Opalite and Turquoise Gemstones

Gemstones are having a major moment in body jewelry. We can’t say we disagree, there’s always something so enthralling about pretty stones incased in stainless steel jewelry that hangs from your cartilage or your septum.

Our favorites include this vintage looking triple turquoise howlite stone industrial barbell and this princess tier opalite industrial barbell!

Triple Turquoise Stone Industry Piercing Jewelry

Do you love any of these styles of industrial piercing jewelry? I wouldn’t mind adding some of these to my collection! What about you?