Dream Catcher Plugs & Body Jewelry

Dream catchers- they sound so mystical and interesting and unique. They exist in so many different colors, with so many different meanings behind them and in so many styles. They can be used for a lot of things and also to support many different both cultural and personal beliefs for people of all ages, gender and origins. And this is exactly why they have become so very popular in the world of body modifications.

Dream Catcher Ear GaugesWherever you look, it seems as though dream catchers are popping up. Dream catcher body jewelry and dream catcher tattoos are all over the internet- literally. But why? What is it so special about dream catchers that makes them an especially appealing object to include when you wish to personalize something so permanent?

Well, the general meaning behind dream catchers is this: they are supposed to serve a purpose for the owner by catching his or her nightmares and storing them away safely within the hand woven threads all night long until sunrise. Pretty cool, considering the fact that most people have something that they fear or dislike and would like to get rid of, at least for some period of time. Perhaps involving this quality of safety or magic in your life is what makes dream catchers so appealing for those getting tattoos or piercings. It is not only something beautiful, but also stands for something that can benefit them.

If you are also a strong believer in magic, or just happen to like dream catchers and think they’d be cool to include in your own body modifications, here are some ideas as to ways in which you can use them.

Belly rings and dream catchers make a super cute combination.

Large tattoos, especially those in bold colors and with high definition can be very unique ways of self-expression. However, Dream Catcher Nipple Ringpeople also get small dream catcher tattoos for a hint of beauty. And sometimes colorless or monochrome tattoos can also be very appealing because they will have a kind of hidden boldness.

Dream catcher nipple ring? Dream catcher plugs? You name it! Don’t be afraid to make something unique out of this popular trend.