Ear Stretching: What is the Point of No Return?

Gauges Point of no Return

The point of no return when thinking about ear stretching is a term that is used to define the point at which you may be able to stretch your piercing (typically speaking about ears, but stretching other piercings have their own point of no return) that when you take out the plugs for an extended period of time it will not shrink back to fit a smaller size of jewelry.

So what is the point of no return for stretched ears?

Every body is different when it comes to healing. You might know someone who was able to stretch their ears to a large size and they were still able to comfortably downsize back to a smaller size. Or you might know someone who stretched to a minimal size that was stuck at that size.

The general rule though is between 4G - 6G jewelry.

That means if you’re not sure whether you want to commit fully to stretched ears, its best not to go over the 4g – 6g rule!

Glass Ear Lobe Plugs

But what about surgery?

There are ways to surgically remodel your ear after stretching very large and regretting it or for those who stretched too harshly and ended up tearing the skin of their ear. But these are often costly and painful. You can see our video below showing Matt's experience with having his ears sewn up.