Forward Helix Piercing FAQ

Forward Helix Piercing Guide

A helix piercing is located on the upper outer rim of cartilage of the ear, while a forward helix is positioned opposite on the inner upper rim of the ear near the “side burn” area where the ear and the head meet. Because of the positioning of this piercing, it can be quite dainty. It can even be done as a double or triple forward helix along the entire rim of the ear.

What Jewelry is Worn in a Forward Helix Piercing?

Just like most cartilage piercings, a small ring, circular barbell (that won’t impede hearing or mess with any other ear piercings nearby) or a small helix labret stud. A helix stud consists of a ball end or flat back end, a post and a jeweled front that screw on and off.

Some examples include this super cute heartilage piercing ring – check out our post all about heritage piercings here, this incredible headdress helix barbell, or this minimalistic internally threaded flat back steal post.

How Much Will a Forward Helix Piercing Hurt?

How much any piercing will hurt depends on your pain tolerance. Although, cartilage piercings are generally more painful and have longer healing times. The forward helix is typically more painful than the helix piercing, due to its placement.

Speaking of healing times, how long does it take for a forward helix piercing to heal?

With proper aftercare – yes, that means plenty of sea salt soaks! – a forward helix piercing should heal in 8-12 weeks. Multiple helix piercings, although, will lengthen this time period.

Helix Body Jewelry

How Much Will a Forward Helix Piercing Cost?

The cost of a forward helix piercing depends on the piercing studio, but typically ranges from $30-$90. Always opt for a piercing studio that is clean and safe, over a piercing studio that is cheap! Otherwise you might end up with infections, rejection, migration or just a badly done piercing.

Stick to your piercers recommended aftercare, allow your piercing to heal without changing the jewelry or (god forbid) twisting it and your forward helix piercing should be healed in no time!