10 Cute Piercings for Girls

Body Piercings for Women

Looking to get your next new piercing but not quite sure what to get or what would be cute? Here is list of ten cute piercings for girls.

 #1 Helix

Formerly known as the cartilage, the helix piercing is a nice addition to already pierced earlobes that shakes up the balance and tradition of simple lobe piercings. Located along the top curve of the ear, the helix can be suitable for both stud and hooped earrings, allowing for a diverse collection of jewelry to be worn for various occasions. Bonus: Get two helix piercings spaced apart and you’d have a double helix, leveling up the adventure with this piercing!

Helix Piercing

#2 Nose

Who doesn’t love a cute little nose stud? Growing in popularity and acceptance across cultural lines, the nose piercing is one that will never grow old. Pop in any color stone or add a hoop for some rebellious flare. A plus is that the side of the nose is the same tissue as a helix, so if you’ve gotten that, there’s nothing to worry about!

Nostril Piercing

#3 Tragus

The Tragus can often be a piercing that many people shy away from. Who really thinks about getting that little flap in the front of their ear pierced? The Tragus is actually a great and cute little place to have a stud or small hoop to add a touch of sparkle closer to your face.

Tragus Piercing

#4 Rook

A Rook piercing ups the ante on the adventurousness of piercing. Crossing the inner ridges of the ear, this piercing can call for more care to be taken in the healing process, but with a double ended piece of jewelry, this location opens up the door for more variety in what can be put in once healed.

Rook Piercing

#5 Septum

The septum can be considered very adventurous. Located right on the center of the face, this one takes some guts. With the advancements in jewelry design in recent years, the septum is no longer the stereotypical double ball bull ring piercing, but a cute and fun place to add fashionable jewelry to the mix!

Septum Piercing

#6 Forward Helix

While the typical Helix is along the backside of the ear as it curves upward, the Forward Helix is along the front of the ear as it curves back in towards the ear canal. This piercing, like the Tragus, brings the jewelry closer to your face and makes for a change to the typical “cartilage” piercing. Photo Cred: @thebellybuttonbungalow

Forward Helix Piercing

#7 Auricle

Think Helix, but lower. Rather than along the curve of the ear, this piercing is located more along the part of the ear where it begins to transition from lobe to cartilage tissue. Having a combination of tissue type can make forextra care while healing, but this location allows a hoop to still dangle against the ear, or studs add a bold statement at the middle of the ear.

Auricle Piercing

 #8 Navel

Navel, or Belly Button, piercings are definitely popular, and for good reason! Soft tissue and ease of access make for easy access to care for the piercing while healing. Navel jewelry is probably some of the most diverse aside from lobe earrings. Barbells and dangles alike come in all colors, shapes, and designs now, that the possibilities are truly endless.

Belly Button Piercing


#9 Daith

The Daith is probably one of the most obscure piercings that is bursting onto the scene as it has been dubbed the Migraine Piercing. While there has been a lot of support for the claims that this does help with migraines, there’s simply no denying how cute this one is too! Crossing the inner and most ridge of the ear, this piercing is definitely a bit more on the adventurous side as well as on the extra care necessary side.

Daith Piercing


#10 Multiple Lobe

In case the other piercings are still daunting or aren’t your cup of tea, having your lobes pierced more than once can add some interest to your ears!

Multiple Earlobe Piercing


Whether going in for a second lobe, or taking it fully around your ear, there’s no losing with getting multiple lobe piercings!

Whatever piercing you choose, proper care and hygiene are important to allow your new piercing to heal properly and stay healthy! Always visit a quality piercing artist and follow all instructions you are giving to ensure the best possible outcome.