Hiding a Body Piercing

While most people get their piercings with permanence in mind and are rather confident about them, there might still come a time when hiding them is the best kind of solution for a particular situation. Whether it’s for work or around a group of people who have a mind set against piercings and body modifications, there are countless situations that can cause a person with piercings to be a bit cautious. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can easily keep your piercing hidden.

Hiding a Septum Piercing

Septum piercings are impressive, dramatic piercings that only someone with quite a bit of confidence would agree to get, Clear Lip Ring Jewelrybut that doesn’t mean that they are hard to hide when the time comes. In fact, this may actually be the easiest piercing to hide for hours and hours on end. Some people just flip their curving barbell so that it is hidden inside the nostrils, but an even more comfortable and long lasting solution would be to acquire a septum retainer. This piece of metal is shaped like a U and can easily be flipped up and down very comfortably.

How About Other Body Piercings?

Other piercings besides the septum might seem to be more difficult to hide, but this isn’t an entirely impossible task. An acrylic retainer is a clear plastic stud that can be used instead of your regular piece of jewelry. A clear ring will secure this nearly invisible piece from the back and this will make sure that no one will be able to even guess that you have a piercing- unless of course, it is exceedingly large.

Hiding Stretched Ears

By now you might be thinking: this seems to be a pretty easy process. Hiding a piercing does not seem to be very Skin Tone Gaugesproblematic. However, while this may be true for smaller piercings, there is a point where the size becomes a rather difficult obstacle. For instance, even with flesh colored plugs, large gauge piercings can be very hard to hide. It might be difficult finding a plug that matches your skin tone precisely enough. Another option might be wearing clear/invisible plugs found here: https://www.urbanbodyjewelry.com/products/clear-acrylic-plugs