Hot Belly Rings for the 2018 Summer Season

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The season we all love most is upon us. There is nothing like the sweet summer time where we can barbecue out back, hang with our friends, or lay by the pool and catch some rays. For anyone with a belly button piercing, this season could add the pressure of choosing the perfect jewelry piece for the summer bikini season. Look no further because we‘ve compiled a list of some great and trendy belly rings that you need in your life this summer. From simple but blingy to all out summer-tastic, we’ve got you covered.

1. Stunning 4 Clear Gem Stone Steel Belly Button Ring

Bling Diamond Belly Ring


This belly ring may be simple, but it sure packs a punch of bling sure to sparkle all season long. This belly ring may not dangle, but it remains eye catching and perfect for summer bikini season. With a 14G 316L Stainless Steel barbell and 4 cubic zirconia gems, this blingy piece will always turn heads. The barbell is 3/8’’(10mm) and is standard to most belly rings.

2. Hanging Rose Quartz Stone Zircon Belly Button Ring

Stone Navel Ring

This beauty will not only turn heads but get conversation started with its natural rose quartz stone dangle. With pink cubic zirconia gems on either end of the barbell, this belly ring packs just enough bling to live up to its full summer trend potential. This belly ring is a 14G 316L piece measuring at 17mm X 22mm with a 3/8” (10mm) barbell. Unique and trendy, you don’t want to spend your summer without this belly ring at your disposal!

3. Rose Gold Plated Flower with Opal Gem Belly Button Ring

Mandala Belly Jewelry

For those people with completely healed belly button piercings, this trendy piece is for you! Its circular design encases cubic zirconia gems that surround a synthetic opalite gem. This belly ring is 316L Stainless Steel with rose gold PVD and is available in 14G. Externally threaded, this piece is for healed piercings only, but is a fashion statement you’re sure to love.

4. Avocado Best Friends Belly Button Rings

Best Friends Belly Piercing Jewelry

For anyone looking to express their friendly side, their extra whimsical side, or their love of avocado, look no further. Holy Guacamole! Two is better than one as this set is sold to be shared between buds who love nothing more than the fruit we all love to add to toast. Made of 316L Stainless Steel, these rings are available in 14G and with the standard 3/8” (10mm) barbell. Swarovski cubic zirconia gems adorn these great designs.

5. Silver Geometric CZ Belly Button Ring

Lotus Geometric Navel Ring


One more showstopper on the list, this great design is unique but still just as trendy as the rest and perfect for summer! Available in 14G, this belly ring has a standard 3/8” (10mm) barbell size and is made of 316L Stainless Steel. The geometric pattern is adorned with Swarovski cubic zirconia gems and will catch all the bling you need this summer.

So no matter the look you’re going for, these belly rings are perfect for trendsetters this summer. When lounging about in a crop top, or living all summer in a swim suit, always make sure your belly rings make a statement!