How to Clean Stone Body Jewelry Plugs

How do you keep your stone plugs clean? Do you always use the harshest abrasives that can work really well on durableUrban Stone Plugs Gauges materials and metals or gemstones? Or do you fear cleaning your body jewelry what so ever? Well, in either case, you are not doing the right thing. Cleaning your stone body jewelry is important, and with the use of the right supplies, you can do it quickly and easily- and most importantly- correctly, so that it doesn’t get damaged but still gets cleaned.

Why You Should Clear Your Stone Body Jewelry Plugs

First of all, why should you care about cleaning your jewelry at all? While it certainly does help keep it looking nice, there is another reason to why you may wish to invest the time to clean it properly. Stones often absorb odors very easily, and if this happens with stone body jewelry, you will end up smelling unpleasantly. Besides, cleaning your body jewelry is also important for sanitary reasons. Bacteria can develop on dirty jewelry, causing infections and other unpleasant events.

What You Need

Cleaning stone plugs might not actually be as hard as you’d imagine now. You won’t be needing any special How To Clean Stone Ear Gaugessupplies- and the only ones you will need are relatively inexpensive to get: mild antibacterial soap, soft brush or cloth and also some warm water. The only thing to remember is that everything has to be soft- especially the bristles on your brush, if you opt to use it instead of the cloth. Anything rough can damage your jewelry.

How To Do It

Be gentle with your jewelry as you rub your fingers around the stones in a bowl of soapy water. You may not even need a cloth or a brush- only if there is a lot of dirt stuck to the stones. Once the plugs are all cleaned, run it under a faucet or dip it into a bowl of clean water. After this, just leave it drying out for at least a good 12 hours. For a trick to make your jewelry shine, add a tiny dab of olive oil.