Meaning Behind Hematite Plugs

While certainly not everyone may have heard of hematite, it is actually a very major part of human life and has been this way since the beginning of time, or so it is believed. Evidence would indeed support this, since it is associated with the very first root chakra. This means that it plays a major role in the spiritual level by helping to calm fears and to encourage higher personal energies.

But apart from this, hematite also carries some art related properties as well as emotional ones. Its name comes from haima, a GreekHematite Stone Ear Gauges word meaning blood, which was associated with it due to the mineral’s frequently reddish coloring. It is because of this that many different cultures have used this hard, brittle iron oxide as pigment for their cave paintings as well as body paint, which was said to protect warriors in battle. Today, however, most hematite used is a grey, polished surface.

As for physical healing, hematite was used often to support various body functions, such as kidneys and the blood. For instance, it would be used to improve iron absorption into the bloodstream, or to help with kidney problems. It would also be sometimes used to help with blood clotting and removing unwanted chemicals or toxins from the blood. It is in this way that hematite has long promoted healing and the balancing of hormone levels. How does it balance hormone levels? Well, while it might not target the hormones themselves, hematite is said to calm the nervous system and help with headaches and concentration problems. When paired with magnets, hematite’s healing properties increase, and it is sometimes used to protect people from the negative energy that one might acquire from working on the computer or other electronics for too long. Hematite also is believed to support the achievement of various goals through the reduction of stress and elimination of negative thoughts. Related to the powerful planet Mars and its astrological sign of Aries, the stone ensures that people do not limit themselves and always strive higher. In this way, hematite can promote optimism and a good mind set.

Hematite has many positive affects upon not only the body, but also the soul and the mind. But besides this, it is also frequently used in the everyday world. For instance, it can be considered a talisman that will protect the wearer from negative energies and also helps with his or her own feelings by bringing on a sense of calm to the person. The stone is also said to help prevent people from getting too involved in others’ problems, and is often used in meditation for the purpose of resolving legal disputes and other serious judgments. If insterested we do have Hematite plugs that are available on the website