Navel Piercings Are Just Above the Belt

Belly Button Piercing

Navel piercings are a beautiful addition to a female’s belly button area. They accentuate the abdomen and increase the sensuality of the female body. There are men that also have this piercing, but it is much more prevalent in females. This type of piercing adds sensuality and draws attention to the abdomen. This is one of the most popular piercings today, other than the ears.


The history of the navel piercing is fairly new in popular culture. However, there is information that suggests that the ancient Egyptians believed this piercing was worn by men as a sense of manliness and courage. They believe the link that the navel is a connection from life on Earth to eternity. There was a point where many body jewelry artists remember it emerging in modern day culture. It happened in a 1993 fashion show and Christy Turlington was the first to publically adorn this piece of jewelry. From then on, it became a very popular and common piercing. The piercing is extremely popular in females and can even be accentuated with a belly chain. It has gone from representing manliness to representing sensuality and femininity over the centuries.


Flower Belly RingThe jewelry placed in the navel can be several different styles. The most common is a curved barbell that fits perfectly in the navel and should remain there until the piercing has healed. Once it has Navel Piercinghealed, there is the option to switch out the jewelry with a barbell that has a hanging pendant or a belly ring. Top drop jewelry has a decoration at the top and the barbell at the bottom. There is also the option to get the labret piercing in the belly button or around the belly button. This is where the flat side is in the skin and the jewel side is the decoration on the surface of the skin. Depending on the style you are looking for a pendant or a simple barbell may be the look for you. Try them on for size and make your decision after your piercing has healed and maybe switch it up depending on your mood.

Piercing Insight

The piercing in this area is called a surface piercing, so it does not take long to heal. The piercing goes through the upper lip of the belly button. It is also fairly painless as far as piercings go. Your piercer must make sure the piercing is well aligned or it can make the body look asymmetrical.

Take the time to select the perfect navel piercing and then ensure you have the time to let it heal properly, so after the summer is an ideal time, when you are not in the lakes and oceans. Add on to the jewelry with a pendant charm or a different style piece of jewelry if you choose after it has healed. Although this is a fairly common piercing, you can choose the jewelry style that fits your unique personality and rock it.