New Arrivals: Blue Dichroic Glass Spirals!

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The term “dichroic glass spirals” is a bit of a mouthful, but by just taking a look at them you’ll be in love in no time. These, new to our store, plug spirals are unique and so interesting to look at. They’re the perfect body jewelry piece to add a fun touch to any look!

The term “dichroic” refers to the process of oxidizing super thin layers of metals like gold, silver, magnesium or even titanium leaving a condensed pattern on the surface of the glass that looks something like crystals. This process means that each and every single one of these pieces of jewelry will be one of a kind and truly unique.

Here we have three different styles of blue dichroic glass spirals for stretched ears.

Solstice Blue Dichroic Glass Spirals

First is a solstice blue glass spiral that’s in the shape of simple round spiral. The dichroic glass adds the perfect mystical touch to this kind of spiral shape, don’t you think?

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Orbital Blue Dichroic Glass Spirals

Next up is the blue orbital dichroic glass spiral. How cool are these in their twisted hurricane like shape. These would look amazing hanging from a pair of stretched ears!

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Helical Blue Dichroic Glass Spirals

Finally is the helical blue dichroic glass spirals which is in such a unique shape!

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Each style comes in pairs, so that although they’re each unique they will be matched as close as possible to each other.

This style of ear spirals is so magical! They lend themselves to every kind of style from beachy and relaxed to the ultimate alien style cyber look. What do you think? Let us know!