New Arrivals: Stone Ear Weights

Stone Ear Weights

Two new styles of stone ear weights were just added to the shop. Available in five different popular stones. These are not meant to be worn full time or used to stretch your ears with. Made for stretched lobes 1/2" and bigger. Check out the links below to browse the weights that fits your style.


Turquoise Howlite Stone Keyhole Ear weights

Rhodonite Stone Keyhole Ear Weights

Aventurine Stone Keyhole Ear Weights

Obsidian Stone Keyhole Ear Weights

Opalite Glass Keyhole Ear Weights

Keyhole Stone Ear Weights

Turquoise Howlite Stone Key Square Ear weights

Rhodonite Stone  Key Square Ear weights

Aventurine Stone  Key Square Ear weights

Obsidian Stone Key Square Ear weights

Opalite Glass  Key Square Ear weights


Each piece will be slightly different due to the nature of the stone.

Key Square Stone Ear Weights

All weights are sold in pairs (2pc) and range from $40/pair to $50/pair.