New Today: Bioflex Color Nose Ring Hoops

Colorful Nose Piercing Rings

The nose hoop is one of the more unique ways to show off your piercing! These Bioflex nose hoops have so many colors that allow you to express yourself in all different ways. Since these come in such a large variety of colors you can use them to conceal a piercing or to accentuate it. This is a material that bends very easy, which makes it a breeze to put in or remove! It is a great alternative to metal and works well for people who have metal sensitives or enjoy changing their piercings without breaking the bank! These nose hoops are not a full hoop they have a small opening where you can insert the hoop into the nose and a stopper at the end of the hoop. This stopper keeps your piercing safe and in place! Each of the Bioflex Nose Hoops come in an 20G or an 18G with a diameter of 8mm and 10mm. These are sold individually, and they are only 3.95$! You can get these in seven different colors which include; black, light blue, green, glow in the dark, blue, red, and purple!

Black Bioflex Nose Hoop Ring

Black Nose Piercing Hoop

Light Blue Bioflex Nose Hoop Ring

Sky Blue Nose Piercing

Green Bioflex Nose Hoop Ring

Green Nose Hoops

Blue Bioflex Nose Hoop Ring

Blue Bioflex Nose Hoop Ring

Purple Bioflex Nose Hoop Ring

Purple Nose Piercing Jewelry

Glow in the Dark Bioflex Nose Hoop Ring

Nose Jewelry

Red Bioflex Nose Hoop Ring

Red Nose Ring Jewelry