New Today: Cartilage Piercing Jewelry

New Summer Cartilage Piercing Jewelry

It’s time to spice up your cartilage piercings with new shapes, stones, and styles. Showing off your cartilage piercing cannot get any easier with these new cartilage barbells. Each of these pieces has a unique design that is on trend and perfect for when you need a little extra sparkle.

16G Rose Gold Crescent Moon Cartilage Barbell

Rose Gold Moon Earring


How fantastic would this look in the upper ear or even the tragus!? This rose gold moon is hitting every note of perfection. Not only is it rose gold, but it is adorned with small CZ’s throughout the entire shape of the moon. This piece comes in a size 16g and the externally threaded ball is 2.5mm, allowing for the perfect grip on the piercing. It is made with 316L stainless steel and the barbell length is 6mm long, designed with comfort in mind. You can grab this piece individually for 8.95$.


16G Crescent Moon Cartilage Barbell

New Moon Cartilage Ring


This is the same Crescent moon style barbell as the Rose Gold Crescent Moon Barbell with one shining twist. This beauty is silver in color and gives off a celestial glow. It is sold individually for 8.95$ and it created with 316L stainless steel with an externally threaded barbell. This piece comes as a 16G and it is 8mm wide by 11mm in height. The barbell itself is 6mm in length and the ball securing the piercing in place measures 2.5mm.


18G Flower Bunch Cartilage Barbell

Beaded Cartilage Ring


This dainty little cluster is perfect for almost any cartilage piercing! It is a great way to show off without too much bling. The barbell is a cluster of CZ’s and metal circles creating the appearance of an adorable flower. The barbell is 8mm and it is made with 316L stainless steel, the flower itself is created from zinc. It is an externally threaded barbell with a ball size of 3mm. The flower will sit nicely in your piercing and it measures to be 4mm. Add this beauty to your collection for 8.95$.


18G Paragem CZ Cartilage Barbell

Diamond Gem Cartilage Jewelry


Have you ever walked by someone and stopped because their jewelry is that breathtaking? This is one of those pieces. The Paragem design adds a gorgeous element to your piercing and the piece itself is a half-circle shape. This piece has prongs that hold five beautifully placed cubic zirconia gems. The barbell is about 8mm in length and the ball measures at 3mm. This piece will work fabulously in well healed piercings, it is externally threaded and created with 316L stainless steel. Get ready to stop people in their tracks with this 8.95$ piece! This could also work as a great addition to a cartilage piercing project!