New Today: Dayak Ear Weights

Tribal Ear Weights

You have to check out these brand-new Dayak Brass Ear Weights! They have the most amazing shape and they give your ears just enough flare to stand out. They have a perfect balance to your ears with their long tops and smooth bottom points!

Dayak Brass Ear Weights

These are spiral Brass Ear weights that come down into a smooth brass point. These are handcrafted and they are sold in pairs! It is recommended that your ears are at a 2G or larger to wear these. They are made with brass, a material that is not meant for long term wear due to its ability to oxidize under extreme moisture conditions. Each piece weights 26g and they are 45mm in height and 8mm in width! You can grab a pair of these for 50.00 when you click the link above!


Dayak White Brass Ear Weights

Stretched Ears Jewelry

The Dayak White Brass Ear weights are the same style as the Dayak Brass Ear weights and they only have a few subtle differences. These weigh 25grams a piece and they are handcrafted and sold in pairs for 55.00$. The brass is not meant for long term wear and they can oxidize when they are left in extreme moisture conditions. Make sure to take them out in the shower! This pair is going to be 45mm in height and 28mm in width. It is recommended that your ears are 2G or bigger to wear these beauties!