New Today: Glass Tunnels

Glass Gauges

These glass tunnels have just hit the shop and they are the perfect option for accessorizing this spring! Glass is a fantastic way to show off your stretched ears due to the versatile and durability of it (it is not as fragile as one would think!)! This is a great option for people who have metal sensitivities or need a new way to accessorize their piercings!

Amber Glass Tunnels

These are double flared glass eyelets that give off a subtle, yet beautiful yellow color. They are created from borosilicate glass, one of the strongest types of glass on the market. Glass is a great stretching material, and these come in sizes between 0g and 32mm. They are 12mm in length and they are concave double flares. Take some piece of mind in knowing that these will sit securely in your ears! You can pick these up in the link above for 11.99$. Shop Link:

Amber Glass Eyelets

Midnight Black Glass Tunnels

These tunnels give off the true color of midnight, they are as dark as the night sky. Black is an edgy but sleek color and it gives you a subtle look. These concave borosilicate glass tunnels are sold as pairs and they are 12mm in length. They are made for the comfort of your ears and you can choose a size between 0g and 32mm. The midnight black is a timeless piece that is only 11.99$. Shop Link:

Black Gauges

Oceano Blue Glass Tunnels

Anytime you need a reminder of the ocean just look at your ears! These clear ocean blue tunnels will have you looking dreamy and ready for summer. Each pair is made with concave borosilicate glass and they are a full 12mm in length. Grab these in a variety of different sizes, you can pick from 0G to a 32mm depending on the size of your ears! The double flair is meant for comfort and ease, they are 11.99 and sold as a pair! Shop Link:

Blue Ear Gauges

Emerald Green Glass Tunnels

Take a walk down the yellow brick road to find emerald city! These gorgeous emerald green glass tunnels are bright and give off a true emerald green color. These are concave and made with borosilicate glass, a steady and sturdy material. You can get these in a pair with sizes that range from a 0G to a 32mm. They are 12mm in length and can be bought for 11.99$. Shop Link:

Glass Ear Tunnels

 Clear Glass Tunnel Plugs

Clear glass is perfect when you need a subtle look for work or everyday wear. Glass is a great material to keep in your ears and the clear glass isn’t going to grab too much attention. The concave tunnels are made in a variety of sizes that range between a 0G to a 32mm. They are 12mm in length and designed for the comfort of your ears! These are sold in pairs and you can get a pair for 11.99$. Shop Link:

Clear Gauges

White Glass Tunnels

White glass is a show stopper, the bright white looks great against all skin tones! It is made from tglass and it is a great way to showcase stretched ears. These are concave tunnels that vary in size. They range from a 0G to a 3mm and they are 12mm in full length. The white beauties are sold at 11.99$ a pair! Shop Link:

White Gauge Tunnels