New Today: Jawbreaker Ear Tapers & Spirals (8G - 00G)

Added to the shop this week are the Jawbreaker Tapers & Jawbreaker Spirals. These might remind of those candy jawbreaker you used to suck on for days when you were younger. Both styles are available in sizes / gauges 8g, 6g, 4g, 2g, 0g, 00g. The ear tapers are sold individually for $3.99/pc "O" rings included. The spirals are sold in pairs for $9.99/pair. The pattern is unique for each plug but we do our best to get you a matching set. Check out the links below to view each product.

Jawbreaker Ear Tapers

 Jawbreaker Taper Gauges
























Jawbreaker Spirals

 Jawbreaker Gauges