New Today: OG Chain Brass Ear Weights

Urban Body Jewelry Ear Weights

Ear weights are a really awesome way to show off your stretched ears. Although, these are not a tool to help stretch the ears (They only stretch the skin on the very bottom of the earlobe) they are a great way to bring attention to the hard work you have put into stretching. The chain like style of ear weight is a new style that is taking over! Most ear weights are the same basic design, shields, keyholes, and coils. These weights will look fantastic on a night out!

OG Chain Link Brass Ear Weights

These unique weights are made of chain links, there are four ovals that interweave into one another to create the “chain” effect. These are fantastic because they are sold in a pair and they are all handmade! These are created from brass a material that will work in fully healed ears. Keep in mind that the brass can oxidize under extreme moisture (example: wearing them in the shower). These weigh 39grams a piece and you should have your ear stretched to a 4G to larger to wear them comfortably. They slide into the lobe with a 6mm opening and they are 85mm tall by 22mm in width. You can grab these weights for $65.00 a pair! Shop Link:

 Gold Ear Weights

OG Chain Link White Brass Ear Weights

These are the same weights are the OG Chain Link Brass Ear weights with a small difference, color. These lovelies are handmade with white brass rather than gold colored brass. They have all of the same features and sizes as the above weights. You can pick up a pair of the white Brass for 70.00$ a pair! Shop Link:

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See them in action below!