New Today: Opal & 14kt Gold Nose Rings

Titanium & Gold Nose Rings

It is time to switch up your jewelry for summer! What better way to treat yourself then with gold and florals? These brand-new pieces have just hit the shop and they are the perfect way to express yourself!

20G 14kt Gold Triangle L Shaped Nose Ring

This polished solid 14kt solid gold nose ring is super simple but different. It is a completely different shape then your traditional stud. The 3mm triangle sits flat on the nose for comfort and a subtle way to show off your personality. The L bend gives you the ability to take this piece in and out without the hassle. It is 6mm in length and the goal when wearing this piece is comfort and sophistication. You can get this gorgeously simple nose ring for 37.95$.


Quality 14kt Gold Triangle Nose Ring

18G Titanium Pink Opalite Flower Nose Screw

These pink opalites are beyond perfect for the spring season. The flower petals are made up of six small pink opals and the center is shining bright with a white/clear opal adding depth and delicacy. This is a beautiful way to showcase a traditional nose piercing and step out of your comfort zone! Opalites have a way of capturing attention with their iridescence shine. This piece is made out of ASTM F-136 TI 6AL4V ELI Titanium, a great material for people with metal sensitivities. You can grab an individual nose ring for 16.95$! Each piece was designed with you in mind and they feature a 5mm flower and 8mm post (length) that comes in a 18G.


Pink Opal Flower Nose Rings

20G 14kt White Gold Triangle L Shaped Nose Ring

The White Gold Triangle L Shaped Nose ring is the same design as the 14kt Gold Triangle L Shaped Nose Ring with a different metal color. Rather than the traditional gold this piece is a white gold, giving it a silver look with a high-quality material. Each piece is sold individually in a 20G with a 3mm triangle. It is 14kt solid gold and 6mm in length, it is another fantastic option for those with metal sensitivities. You can grab this piece for 37.95$!


14kt Solid White Gold Triangle Nose Ring

18G Titanium Purple Opalite Flower Nose Screw

Get lost in a vision of lavender fields and violet bouquets with this purple Opalite nose ring. The iridescent opals shine as the sun bounces off the stone. Five small opals surround a clear/white opal symbolizing the middle of the flower. You can get this piece individually for 16.95$ and it is created with ASTM F-136 TI 6AL4V ELI Titanium. It is 8mm in length and the flower is a 5mm gem. This 18G nose screw will have you re-thinking the idea of florals!


Purple Opal Flower L Bend Nostril Rings