New Today: Red Glass Plugs!

Glass Gauges

Glass is a great alternative to stone, and they look amazing. These glass plugs are handcrafted, and they are unique, one of a kind pieces! They give you a simple yet daring look with their variation in color. You can go with a simple more pomegranate type color to a deep true blood red color.

Double Flare Red Glass Plugs

These double flair plugs are almost a blood red color and they are made of an incredibly strong glass called Borosilicate glass. These come in different sizes and you have the ability to choose from an 8G up to 1 & 1/4" inch (32mm). Since they are handcrafted glass, they can vary in size by +/- 1mm! These are double flared plugs and they stay in the ears nicely and they don’t require an “O” ring to keep them in place! Grab a pair of these smooth red beauties for $11.95. Link:

Single Flared Glass Plugs

Red Glass Gauges

The single flare plugs come in multiple sizes and they are great for those who are stretching their ears. Most people do not have allergic reactions to glass, and they do really well keeping them in! These red pieces are a deep red that are somewhat see-through. You can choose your size (anywhere from 8G, 6G, 4G, 2G, 0G, 00G, 1/2", 9/16", 5/8"). Keep in mind that the 9/16” and the 5/8” are a darker red then the rest and they come with black “O” rings instead of clear. Every size is going to have two clear “O” rings! These are singled flair and you can pick your size up for $12.99. Link: