New Today: Sophisticated Nipple Jewelry for the Modern World

New Nipple Piercing Jewelry August 2019

These hot new pieces are all about comfort and style. They rely on the simplicity of stainless steel and rose gold with the elegance of the CZ gemstones. These brand-new barbells are right on trend with the CZ and Rose Gold obsession. A hot piercing deserves elegance and a variety of styles. Showing off your nipple piercing has never been easier with this gold aesthetic. These gorgeous gems are for healed piercings and they are externally threaded. Check out the proper aftercare routine on nipple piercings here:

These beautiful 14G Double Gem Nipple Ring Barbells are subtle and sweet. It gives your nipples a small sparkle with the CZ ends. They are made with 316L stainless steel and they are the perfect addition to any healed nipple piercing. These beauties are sold in pairs for 12.95! Link:

Double Diamond Silver Nipple Ring

The 14G Quate Nipple Ring Barbells are graceful and stylish. These are a tasteful way to spruce up your nipple jewelry and show off the unique shape of your body. Adorning your nipples with the CZ clusters has never been so easy. These Nipple Barbells are sold in pairs and they are 316L Stainless steel, perfect for any healed piercing. You can grab a pair for $13.95! Link:

New Cluster Nipple Ring

New nipple jewelry doesn’t have to be boring and these nipple rings are the perfect way to add an edge to your basic barbell. The drop-down chains give you a completely new way to adorn and show off your nipples. Get on trend with these simplistic and fierce barbells. These are made with 316L stainless steel and they are sold in a pair for $11.95. Link:

Chain Nipple Rings

Rose gold is all the rage, and these deserve a moment of admiration. These Rose gold barbells are for anyone who wants to add beauty to a bold piercing. These perfect and pretty rose gold beauties are a 14G with PVD rose gold on 316L stainless steel. Bring the heat and show off your piercing with a pair of these gems, sold for $12.95. Link:

Double CZ Rose Gold Nipple Ring

Not only are these unique but they add a whole new level of adornment with their drop-down CZ clusters. They are made with PVD rose gold on 316L stainless steel. This adds shape and class to your nipple piercing! Rose gold deserves all the heart eyed emojis! These are the perfect addition to your healed piercing, and they are sold as a pair for $13.95! Link:

Cubic Zirconia Rose Gold Nipple Ring