New Today: Wooden Hangers!

New Organic Hoop Plugs / Gauges

Natural jewelry is an awesome way to spice up your stretched ears! This gives you an entirely new dimension of style. These handcrafted hangers will add an organic aspect to your look while keeping the environmental community in mind. Each of these pieces is one of a kind and no pair is alike!

Paisley Wooden Hangers

The Paisley Hangers have the most beautiful detailing and carving out there! They are a true paisley shape and each curve has defined lines and filigree. These pieces are sold in a pair of two and handcrafted with Saba Wood. The design is carved in the front and the pattern and the color of the hanger will be different on each piece due to the texture and color variation in the wood. Grab a pair of these gorgeous pieces of nature for $25.00 (pictured above).

Daisy Wooden Hangers

These Daisy Wooden hangers have a unique style and they are hand carved to create intricate petals. These hangers are delicate in design but sturdy in the ears. They are made out of Saba wood and they come in a variety of sizes to fit your piercing comfortably! The line and shape detail on these hangers are 100% unique and cannot be copied. You can get these in a pair and have one of a kind jewelry for $17.

Organic Flower Wood Gauges

Miao Hoop Wooden Hangers

The Miao Wooden hangers have an intricate carving that creates a detailed half hoop with small wooden circles. The small circles make a delicate drop off the half circle and create a sun-ray design. Each piece is hand carved with Saba wood, making them organic and completely one of a kind. Each piece has its own pattern and color due to the natural texture of the wood. You can grab a pair of these in a variety of different sizes for $17.00.

Organic Tribal Beaded Gauges

Foliage Wooden Spiral

If you are looking for a simplistic and natural look you have come to the right place! These Hangers curve into a beautiful leaf-like pattern. Each piece has leaves with lines etched into the wood creating a realistic nature scene. These are sold as a pair and made with Saba wood, making them original and one of a kind carving. The pattern and the color may vary piece by piece because of the texture and color of the wood. You can grab these in a variety of different sizes for $17.00!

Leaf Organic Wooden Plugs Hangers